Inline Motor Unit - Through Wall or Eave
  Inlet Cone & Flow Grid
KleenAir Pro Remote Inline Fan Motor Solution
Product Features
Motor Mounting Inline - Through Wall or Eave
Extraction Level Pro - 1140m3/hr
Finish High Grade FR ABS Plastic - Colour: Shale Grey
Ducting 200mm Acoustic Flexi Ducting - Five (5) Metre Length Supplied
Duct Clamps Dia. 200mm (Stainless Steel) - 4X Units Supplied
Fan Power Supply Cable Length: Three (3) Metres
Sound Pressure Level 58dB(A)* when operating at 'Boost' speed
  * Outside Level @ 1M & System Pressure 50pa
Model Number / KleenAir Extraction Unit / Price
Remote Motor Models
IP.1140 KleenAir Pro Remote Fan Solution - 1140 m3/hr   $1,590
Product Resources
Whispair Brochure   Download   Inline Motor Fact File   Download
User Manual (Remote)   Download        
Web Video - EP02 - KleenAir Remote Motor Technology Explained
External Motor Unit - Through Roof (Left) and Through Wall (Right) Installation Solutions
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