Video Gallery

Web Video - EP01 - S-Flow Baffle Filters Explained

Whispair Rangehoods utilises its unique S-Flow baffle filtration system, which maintains the highest extraction performance whilst minimising noise.

This web video explores why Whispair is the perfect addition to your kitchen.

Web Video - EP02 - KleenAir Remote Motor Technology Explained

Traditional rangehood systems suck air but struggle to expel it to the outside environment. It’s loud. It’s limited.

That’s why Whispair has reimagined the rangehood. Whispair’s innovative KleenAir remote motor technology removes the noisy fan motor outside of the kitchen. Delivering less noise, sleeker design and optimal air flow.

This web video explores why Whispair remote motor technology makes your kitchen a pleasant place to be!

Web Video - EP03 - Unique Rangehood Features Explained

Whispair has re-imagined the rangehood. Our stainless steel S-Flow baffle filtration system replaces traditional clog-prone mesh filters. But that’s just the start.

Bring world-leading craftsmanship and fabrication to your kitchen with hand-polished, fully welded seamless construction. Whispair utilises only the finest 304 grade stainless steel in its indoor hood range, whilst the alfresco BBQ hood range incorporates the ultra-durable marine grade 316 stainless steel that can with stand even the harshest conditions.

Ultra-efficient, long lasting LED lighting diffuses a warm radiance across your whole cooking surface and the intelligent and exclusive MasterMind Electronic System will ensure your hood will never miss a beat.

Designed and assembled in Melbourne, Whispair, gives you piece of mind with a market leading 5-year warranty an enduring 10-year factory motor warranty.

Whispair delivers a quiet extraction system with unparalleled performance.

Make the centerpiece of your kitchen the ultimate in design, quality and performance.

Explore why Whispair is the perfect addition to your kitchen.


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